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"We find that Zoom has “rolled their own” encryption scheme, which has significant weaknesses. In addition, we identify potential areas of concern in Zoom’s infrastructure, including observing the transmission of meeting encryption keys through China."

Move Fast & Roll Your Own Crypto: A Quick Look at the Confidentiality of Zoom Meetings - The Citizen Lab

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Asking #jitsi admins! We found a bug, has anyone experienced the same?

Issue: first user in the meeting is moderator. When a mod leaves the meeting, someone else is randomly appointed mod. However, the old mod connection keeps hanging, leaving a ghost profile. When mods re-enter a meeting often (which can happen due to a bad connection), you'll have a screen full of ghost profiles. When one of those ghost profiles gets appointed mod, you can't control the meeting anymore. See pic, A is a ghost.

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Finally running on my Planet Computers with . The downside is that it only works in portrait mode. :(

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🇮🇹 Never seen anything like it. 🏥

In Italy the shared all latest #COVID19 data on
• National trend
• JSON data
• Provinces data
• Regions data
• Summary cards
• Areas

There are already PRs for adding APIs & English translations.


Reminder to myself: If you are tls-proxying don't set frontendUrl to proxy-domain (just leave the default) and proxy to keycloak-http not -https, if you want to read client/remote ip.

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Anybody here with some keycloak experience? email verification is not working as the configured mailserver is not even contacted. With "Test connection" I only get "Error! An unexpected server error has occurred".

Ich bin kein .

Halb voll ist schlechter als voll.

Halb leer ist besser als leer.

Got it?

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Gestern noch live und jetzt schon in deinem Podcatcher.
<ITK049 Enkrateia="googeln">

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Have you ever sent a fax?

[feel free to boost this to maximize response.]

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A bisserl was geht no. Nächster Termin für IT-Keller Live ist am 27.02.2020 ab ca. 20:00 Uhr.

Kräuterseitling, der Pangasius unter den Schwammerln.

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