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Asking #jitsi admins! We found a bug, has anyone experienced the same?

Issue: first user in the meeting is moderator. When a mod leaves the meeting, someone else is randomly appointed mod. However, the old mod connection keeps hanging, leaving a ghost profile. When mods re-enter a meeting often (which can happen due to a bad connection), you'll have a screen full of ghost profiles. When one of those ghost profiles gets appointed mod, you can't control the meeting anymore. See pic, A is a ghost.

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Finally running on my Planet Computers with . The downside is that it only works in portrait mode. :(

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🇮🇹 Never seen anything like it. 🏥

In Italy the shared all latest #COVID19 data on
• National trend
• JSON data
• Provinces data
• Regions data
• Summary cards
• Areas

There are already PRs for adding APIs & English translations.


Reminder to myself: If you are tls-proxying don't set frontendUrl to proxy-domain (just leave the default) and proxy to keycloak-http not -https, if you want to read client/remote ip.

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Anybody here with some keycloak experience? email verification is not working as the configured mailserver is not even contacted. With "Test connection" I only get "Error! An unexpected server error has occurred".

Ich bin kein .

Halb voll ist schlechter als voll.

Halb leer ist besser als leer.

Got it?

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Gestern noch live und jetzt schon in deinem Podcatcher.
<ITK049 Enkrateia="googeln">

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Have you ever sent a fax?

[feel free to boost this to maximize response.]

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A bisserl was geht no. Nächster Termin für IT-Keller Live ist am 27.02.2020 ab ca. 20:00 Uhr.

Kräuterseitling, der Pangasius unter den Schwammerln.

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Self-host VSCode in your browser:

Works surprisingly well. It's indistinguishable from the desktop app.

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"Konnst Di duschn."

1.: Bayern, wenn das Bad freigeworden ist

2.: Arnold Schwarzenegger, wenn er 'Constitution' sagt.

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