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"Interactive Digital & Marketing Agency specializing in building websites & Mobile Apps" please get lost. 😂

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IPv4 addresses used to be gratis. Today they're selling for ~40 USD each. Ford (!!) got 16.7 million IPs for free, hardly using them. Today they're worth $670M, a better value increase than any crypto currency. At the same time new ISPs can't be started because lack of IPs.

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Neulich noch Witze drüber gemacht, die Tage dann von einem Kollegen auf einem Uberspace entdeckt. Crypto Mining auf Bandbreiten Basis: pkt.cash/

Ich hasse Menschen 🔥 🤬

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OR Mapper are nice, but they also produce massive overhead. Or am I wrong?

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Welcome to the world of :
"> added 430 packages from 854 contributors in 13.56s"

Dear Oracle this is not correct. Email addresses may contain a plus sign.

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Seit dem 1. Januar 2021 gibt es in Frankreich einen Reparatur-Index. Ein Label zeigt Käufer*innen von Smartphones, Fernsehern, Laptops, Waschmaschinen und Rasenmähern in Form eines Punktestands zwischen 0 und 10 an, wie gut die Geräte reparierbar sind:


Wann ist es bei uns endlich soweit?

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Element on Google Play Store - element.io/blog/element-on-goo

> We submitted an appeal asking for clarification at 23:18, and at 05:31 received an update from the Google Play Policy team citing that the app has been removed due to content which contravenes their terms of use, and asking us to “make the necessary changes to [our] app” and “upload a new app using a new package name and a new app name”


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Just found a visual bug of my list paging class which is used by a lot of projects for years (probably 10 years). Noone has ever reported it. I mean it has no effect on functionality but it is

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